Hathras Stampede: Baba was arrested 24 years ago for trying to revive a dead girl, search is on vigorously


Initial investigation revealed that a case was filed against 7 people including Surajpal, who turned from a constable to a 'miracle baba', in Shahganj police station on March 18, 2000. Arrests were also made. 

saakar hari baba – Photo : Facebook/Narayansakar Hari

After the stampede at Saakar Vishwa Hari Satsang in Hathras in which 121 people died and hundreds were injured, the police is investigating the horoscope of Bhole Baba alias Surajpal alias SP Singh alias Saakar Vishwa Hari. Initial investigation revealed that a case was registered against 7 people including Surajpal, who became a 'miracle baba' from a constable, in Shahganj police station on 18 March 2000. Arrests were also made. 

24 years ago, an attempt was made to burn a young girl alive at Malka Chabutra in the cremation ground. There was a ruckus when the police arrived. The police used force and detained many followers of the alleged baba. First a charge sheet was filed. Later a final report was filed. 

Surajpal, originally a resident of Bahadur Nagar, Patiyali Etah, was a constable in the Intelligence Department (SPR Office). A former employee of the department said that Surajpal used to work with him. It was the 1990s. Then he started visiting a satsang organised in Arjun Nagar, Shahganj. Since then, he broke ties with the job. He took voluntary retirement. After this, he started doing satsang himself. A large number of people started believing in him. His followers used to come first when he used to come. Crowds used to gather in the satsang. 

17 year old Snehlata was the daughter of SP Singh's brother-in-law Mewaram. Baba used to live in house number D-55 in Kedar Nagar at that time. SP Singh himself was childless. He had adopted his brother-in-law's daughter. Snehlata died of cancer in Fatehgarh on 16 March 2000. The body was brought to Kedar Nagar the same day. Attempts were being made to revive the teenager at Baba's house. 

Police took the body in their custody by using lathicharge. 

Police had received information that a young girl was being claimed to be brought back to life through a miracle. A large crowd had gathered for this. Police reached there on 18 March 2000 after getting the information. Baba's followers got agitated when police arrived. They started pelting stones. Policemen got hurt. Police arrested Bhole Baba alias Surajpal after using lathicharge.