Hathras Satsang Accident: 'The One Who Fell Could Not Get Up Again' - Injured Pooja Recounts the Tragic Incident; CM Yogi to Visit Hathras Today

  • Among the deceased are seven children, one man, and 108 women.
  • The self-proclaimed Baba fled the scene and reached Mainpuri late at night.
  • The NDRF team arrived in Hathras from Ghaziabad.
  • Desperate searches for loved ones ensued after the incident.
  • Both the state and central governments have announced a compensation of two lakh rupees each for the victims' families.

Over 116 devotees lost their lives in the devastating stampede following the Hathras Satsang. Eyewitness Pooja described the horrific scene where, after the satsang ended, the crowd moved through the fields, resulting in people falling and being trampled. The overwhelming crowd caused rapid fatalities.

The tragic stampede after Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari (Bhole Baba)'s satsang in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, claimed over 116 lives and left many injured. Devotees from Hathras, Etah, Kasganj, and even from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, were among those affected.

Expressing profound sorrow, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered an investigation. Both central and state governments have pledged a financial aid of two lakh rupees each to the families of the deceased. Several leaders, including the President, Prime Minister, and Home Minister, have expressed their deep condolences.

The Dance of Death as Narrated by Injured Pooja

Terrified and barely able to speak, Pooja recounted the tragic event. She described how the crowd moved through the fields, one lower than the other, and suddenly swelled, causing people to fall. The crowd was so dense that once someone fell, they couldn't get up again, leading to people being trampled to death. Pooja, fortunate to be a little distance away, witnessed the horror unfold.

After the satsang, as Baba descended from the stage, the crowd surged towards the exit. Amidst the extreme humidity, many were thirsty and tried to leave quickly. During this rush, a few people fell, and the crowd behind them caused more to stumble, leading to a catastrophic chain reaction.

Volunteer Saves a Life

Eyewitness Rajanshree shared that she too was pushed by the crowd but was saved by a volunteer. However, she witnessed a child getting trampled, and several people were crushed while trying to rescue the child. Out of the 35 women from her village who attended the satsang, many remain unaccounted for.

Desperate Searches Post-Accident

Devotees had been preparing Phulrai for the satsang for days. Thousands gathered early on Tuesday. After the dust settled from the accident, many had died, and relatives desperately searched for their loved ones.

A Mother’s Grief

Guddo Devi from Kasganj, who was at the post-mortem house, narrated how her 20-year-old daughter Priyanka was trampled to death while trying to pick up her slippers during the stampede. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Priyanka was declared dead.

Investigation and Accountability

CM Yogi Adityanath has vowed to uncover the truth behind the incident, whether it was an accident or a conspiracy. He assured that the state government is conducting a thorough investigation, and those responsible will be held accountable. Following the accident, CM Yogi continuously received updates from senior officials at the government residence.