Hathras incident: Who is guilty of Hathras incident? Know the answers to important questions related to the stampede

Family members crying about losing their loved ones in Hathras incident

After the Hathras incident, questions are being raised on the program of satsang. The Bhole Baba whose satsang was going on was in controversies even during the time of Corona. At that time, he had asked for permission for only 50 people to attend his satsang, but later he invited more than 50 thousand people to his satsang. The administrative system had collapsed even then due to the huge crowd.

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The pictures that have come from Hathras in UP, 146 km away from Delhi, are heart-wrenching. The news that came was shameful and is also full of hundreds of questions. There is pain, suffering, mismanagement, chaos and the most worrying thing is that there are corpses everywhere. There is death everywhere. There was such a stampede in a religious event in Hathras that 116 people lost their lives and many people are also injured.

After this incident, many questions are being raised. These incidents happen often and no action is taken against the fake babas who cause such murders in the name of stampede. The names just change, the faces change, the places change but sitting on the throne of faith, they get the permission to send people to their deaths every time? The question is why? Who gave these people this discount coupon of mismanagement and negligence?

The questions are also…

  • During which religious event did this stampede occur?
  • What was the real reason behind the stampede?
  • Who are the culprits behind more than 100 deaths in Hathras?
  • Why is the police administration being accused of negligence?
  • Why are the hospital being accused of mismanagement?
  • Why is the entire system under question due to the Hathras incident?

The answer to the first question is that there is a place in Hathras called Ratibhaanpur, where a satsang was being concluded. The person whose satsang was being held is named Bhole Baba. Information has been received about him that he often tells devotees in his satsangs that he has been in the intelligence unit of the police. He left his job long ago and started preaching with his wife. He is a resident of Patiyali village in Etah district. And is known as Saakar Vishva Hari.

Thousands of people reach the satsang every time. Baba's gathering was also held in Hathras on Tuesday. When the team of TV-9 Bharatvarsh reached the ground, eyewitnesses told that a crowd of 50 thousand people was present there. The question was asked that who gave permission to gather this crowd? The answer was that permission for the satsang program was taken from the district administration. But we have one more information about this Baba. It is being said that many times more people had reached Hathras than the number of people who were told to attend the program.

Now the question is how did the stampede happen?

So the initial information received about this is that this satsang program was going on in an open place. After the satsang was over, people were leaving from there together. The place was small and the exit gate was also small. Then suddenly there was a stampede. People fell on each other. The situation kept worsening due to heat and humidity.

Another theory that is coming forward is that after the satsang ended, the convoy of storyteller Bhole Baba started moving out. During this time, devotees also started going to their homes. A part of the crowd was stopped to let Baba's convoy pass and during this a stampede occurred. People fell on each other after which many people died due to suffocation. Baba is absconding after so many deaths and the police is also searching for the organizers of the satsang.

Who were the organizers, know their names

  • Mahesh Chandra
  • Anar singh
  • sanju yadav
  • Chandradev
  • Ramprakash

The families of the deceased raised questions on the system

The families of the injured and the dead have raised serious questions on the system. It is alleged that the police administration reached the spot very late. No relief or rescue work was started at the spot for a long time. After the Hathras incident, the health department did not have proper arrangements for treatment. People allege that many people did not even get treatment on time. However, the local administration has denied this.

The stir intensifies from UP to Delhi

CM Yogi Adityanath will go to Hathras today i.e. Wednesday morning and meet the injured. He directed three ministers including Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhary, Sandeep Singh, Chief Secretary and DGP to reach the spot. These people have reached Hathras within a few hours. He held a meeting with the officials at the Chief Minister's residence. He assured to investigate the causes of the incident by forming a team under the leadership of ADG Agra and Aligarh Commissioner. The government is preparing to take strict action by filing an FIR against the organizers of the program.

The echo of the stampede in Hathras was also heard in Delhi. From President Draupadi Murmu and PM Modi to Home Minister Amit Shah, everyone expressed grief over the incident. And assured all possible help to the injured and the family members. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi appealed to all the workers of India Alliance to join the relief and rescue work. However, politics has also intensified on this.

What do the figures say?

It is a matter of thought that why stampedes occur mostly in religious events. This is a dangerous trend and there is no check on it in a country like India where people are religious. During our research, we found a statistic that tells us about this trend. NCRB statistic shows that from the year 2000 to 2013, about two thousand people died in stampedes.

A report published in 2023 by the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (IJDRR) shows that 79% of stampedes in India are caused by religious gatherings and pilgrimages. Most crowd-related accidents in India and developing countries occur at religious places.

There are two messages from such accidents.

Firstly, no one should be allowed to hold such satsangs without crowd control and adequate arrangements. Strict action should be taken against the culprits and the second message is for the common people that they should take care of their faith as well as the arrangements. Before entering any satsang pandal, they should definitely check what the arrangements are for exiting from there. Are they going to the event of a businessman of faith instead of a spiritual guru?