Hathras incident: Job in MNREGA, chief servant of Bhole Baba for 10 years… who is Dev Prakash?


Police arrested the main accused of Hathras incident.

The police has arrested the main accused of the Hathras incident. Dev Prakash Madhukar was the person who organized the satsang. He had taken permission for the program from SDM Sinkrarao. Dev Prakash is originally from Etah district. He has been living in Sinkrarao for the last 10 years.

Police has arrested Dev Prakash Madhukar, the main accused in the stampede during the satsang in Fullerai Mughalgarhi village of Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the lawyer of Bhole Baba's side claims that he has surrendered before the police. Dev Prakash was absconding since the day of the accident. Police had announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh on him. Dev Prakash was made the main accused in the accident. He was in charge of the entire satsang event.

Bhole Baba alias Narayan Sakar Hari's special sevadar Dev Prakash Madhukar had taken permission from Sikandrarao SDM for the satsang held in Fullerai Mughalgarhi. The permission had mentioned a crowd of 80 thousand people, but a crowd of about two and a half lakh people gathered in the program. Bhole Baba had given the responsibility of chief sevadar to Dev Prakash. He was on the police radar since the accident.

Sikandrarao came 10 years ago

Dev Prakash Devdhar lives in Damdpura New Colony of Sikandrarao in Hathras district. Originally, Dev Prakash is a resident of Salempur village of Salempur Gadri village panchayat of Awagarh block of Etah district. Even today, he has property in the village. Dev Prakash's parents live there. In 2014, Dev Prakash left his ancestral village and started living in Sikandrarao.

He is posted as a technical assistant in MNREGA

Dev Prakash is working as a technical assistant in MNREGA in Etah district. He has been associated with Narayan Sakar Hari's satsangs for many years. As soon as he came to Sikandrarao 10 years ago, his interest in Baba increased even more. He joined Bhole Baba's Manav Mangal Milan Sadbhavana Samagam Samiti and started participating in the satsangs with great enthusiasm. Seeing his dedication and devotion, he was given the responsibility of the chief sevadar. Considering him the main accused in 123 deaths, the police have arrested Dev Prakash. Action for termination of service is also being taken against him in MNREGA.

123 people lost their lives in the stampede

On Monday, July 2, there was a stampede during the end of the satsang of Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari alias Bhole Baba in Fullerai Mughalgarhi village of Sikandrarao tehsil of Hathras district. People started falling on each other. 123 people lost their lives in this big accident. Most of the dead were women. In the permission taken for this event, it was said that a crowd of 80 thousand people would gather, but more than two and a half lakh people had gathered here. Bhole Baba is also absconding since the accident. However, the police have not filed any complaint against Baba in the accident.