Hanuman Beniwal targeted the BJP regarding electoral bonds, saying such a big thing


RLP chief Hanuman Beniwal has targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party over electoral bonds. He has accused the BJP of corruption through electoral bonds.

Hanuman Beniwal tweeted in this regard that the BJP tried to institutionalize corruption through electoral bonds in the name of donations and the name of gaming, BJP has also taken donations from a company that promotes betting and gambling in the country. This exposes the true character of the BJP, despite RLP being a state-level recognized party, RLP did not take even a single rupee through electoral bonds, because when the BJP government brought electoral bonds, they intended to institutionalize corruption. It was smelling.

Institutions like ED and CBI, which work independently in the country, were misused by PM Narendra Modi, and unethical pressure was also put on corporates through them. At the same time, to save the scams of many companies from being exposed, donations were taken by the BJP through electoral bonds.

PC: zeenews