Hanuman Beniwal gave this big statement regarding Jyoti Mirdha


Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal has given a big statement regarding Jyoti Mirdha joining BJP. RLP chief Hanuman Beniwal said in Bharatpur that Jyoti Mirdha's in-laws are involved in the India Bull scam, hence she joined BJP to save her in-laws from jail.

According to reports, Hanuman Beniwal said that due to the action of ED and CBI on his in-laws' side, he has joined BJP. During this, he even said that Jyoti Mirdha's joining BJP will not have any impact on the politics of Nagaur. He said that he lost the MP elections twice and this time his uncle's son has defeated him.

He also accused the Mirdha family of ruining Nagaur. It is noteworthy that Jyoti Mirdha has left Congress and joined BJP.

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