Hamas is now attacking Israel with 'BB' malware


Hamas terrorists are now using BB malware to target Israel. This has come to light in the investigation of Israel's cyber security company Security Jose. The special thing is that this malware has been found in the systems of many corporate companies of Israel. Wherever it has been found, it has caused a lot of damage.

Hamas terrorists are now using BiBI malware against Israel.

An investigation by Israeli cybersecurity company Security Jose has found a new type of wiper malware in Israel that has the ability to erase computer systems and disable them, which is believed to be used by or affiliated with Hamas terrorists. It is done by other hackers.

This malware was discovered in many Israeli corporate networks, causing significant damage wherever it was found. Malware called BiBi-Linux Wiper can delete or corrupt important files in the Linux operating system. The special thing is that the word BiBi (similar to the surname of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), which is coded within the malware.

Source of malware unknown

Hackers may have tried to send a message through this malware. The features of the malware resemble cyber weapons previously developed by other states. A notable example is the Shamoon malware, which was used by Iranian hackers to attack computer systems in the Middle East.
According to foreign reports, Shamoon was reportedly based on cyber weapons that were used to target Iranian entities about a decade ago, which were reportedly developed by Israel and the United States. It is not clear whether the current malware is a version of an existing cyber weapon or an original development, its source also remains unknown.

High technology is needed to make it

The development of such malware requires high technology, which is not usually found in the cyber teams of activist groups or even terrorist organizations. According to Security Joe's CEO Ido Naor, 'We identified this malware in a group of Hamas supporters. Hamas may have the capability to develop such malware, but at the moment we are still investigating the group's capabilities.'The malware was discovered when the company was called in to assist Israeli companies that were But it was attacked as part of its volunteer efforts during the war in Gaza. Countries currently possessing cyber weapons of this capability include Iran, China, North Korea and possibly Russia. Cyber activity in these countries has posed significant challenges in recent years.

Malware involved in destructive attacks
China focuses its espionage efforts. North Korea attempts to blackmail victims with the help of ransomware due to its struggling economy. Russia focuses on propaganda and disinformation. Among these four countries, Iran is the only country which has mainly used this malware in destructive attacks.

The use of such malware reflects the increased capabilities of Hamas supporters engaging in cyber warfare. Terrorist organizations are no longer limited to website hacking, email or data theft like before. Instead, they are performing dangerous tasks that can cause harm to any organization targeted by the malware. Security Joe has shared indicators of the malware with the National Cyber Security Authority, recommending that Israeli companies and institutions update cybersecurity measures to combat this malware.