Gujarat: Overnight raids in 17 jails of the state, many mobiles seized, Home Minister monitored


The state government has taken a big step to stop the increasing crime in the state of Gujarat and is troubled by the incidents of mobile access to the prisoners lodged in the jails. Police raided 17 jails in Gujarat including Sabarmati on Friday-Saturday night. After this raid, there was a stir in the jails.

According to the information, many mobile phones have been recovered from the jails. Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi monitored the raid live from the control room. According to the information, Atiq Ahmed is also lodged in Sabarmati Jail. The motive behind raiding is to bring illegal acts to light.

The State Home Minister and the police administration had been informed about the availability of mobile phones with the prisoners in jail for a long time and in such a situation the police took this action. According to information, overnight 1700 policemen raided 17 jails in Gujarat including Sabarmati.