Gujarat News: These four had reached Ahmedabad from Colombo!


Gujarat News:  Gujarat ATS has interrogated 4 ISIS terrorists caught at Ahmedabad Airport, in which many shocking revelations have been made. The four terrorists had come from Sri Lanka to carry out terrorist attacks in India and were working on the instructions of ISIS handlers sitting in Pakistan. Investigation has revealed that BJP and RSS leaders were the target of the terrorists. There were people from Jewish and Christian communities also in his name. If orders had been received, terrorists could have carried out suicide attacks in India.


Gujarat Police said that all four terrorists are residents of Sri Lanka. They were ordered to come to India by the ISIS handler sitting in Pakistan.

These four had reached Ahmedabad from Colombo

by taking a flight from Colombo but they were arrested here. During interrogation, it was revealed that a terrorist named Abu was giving orders to them. these people

All four of them came in contact with Abu in February 2024. Within just 3 months, Abu brainwashed these four and sent them to India to carry out attacks.

Arrangement of weapons for the terrorists:

Arrangements of weapons for these terrorists were made in India. Abu had instructed them to go to that place and weapons would be found. Police have recovered 3 pistols, 3 cartridges, and ISIS flags from that place.

Search is on for those who supplied the weapons.

The name of the FATA area of ​​Pakistan is written on these weapons. Therefore, these weapons may have come from Pakistan. These weapons were recovered from the Nana Chiloda area which is just 11 kilometers away from Ahmedabad Airport.

After the arrest of the terrorists, the people who supplied them with weapons in India are now being searched.