Govt Scheme: The government is giving a subsidy of up to 50 percent to buy modern agricultural machinery, know about this scheme


Many types of schemes are run by the government to help the farmers. Among these, the Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme of the Government of Rajasthan is also one. 

Under this scheme of the Government of Rajasthan, the machines used from sowing to harvesting are provided at half the cost.

According to the news, a 40 to 50 percent subsidy is given by the Rajasthan government to the farmers of the state on the purchase of modern agricultural machinery. 

Farmers can buy seed drills/seed cum fertilizer drills, disc plough/disc harrows, rotavators, multi-crop threshers, ridge furrow planters/multicrop planters/tractor-operated ripper, chisel plough, etc. by getting a subsidy from the state government.

To take advantage of this scheme, you have to apply by visiting the nearest E-Mitra center or CSC center. To give the benefit of the scheme, the farmers must have documents like an Aadhaar card, copy of farm deposit, caste certificate, copy of tractor registration certificate, etc.