Government scheme: This scheme will end the worries of girls' education, government will provide financial assistance of one lakh rupees

Many types of schemes are currently being run by the Central and State Governments in the interest of girls. Today we are going to give you information about a scheme of Maharashtra Government, in which girls from low income families are given financial assistance in the post-natal stages.

Through this scheme run in the interest of poor people, people can provide good education to their daughters. Under this, a total financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh is given. Under the scheme, girls from households with yellow and orange ration cards in the state will be given Rs 5,000 on birth, Rs 6,000 on entering class 1, Rs 7,000 on class 6, Rs 8,000 on class 11 and Rs 75,000 on reaching 18 years of age. Financial assistance of Rs. will be given by the state government. 

This assistance is provided to the people by the Maharashtra Government through the Lake Ladki Yojana. Girls born after April 1, 2023 will get the benefit of this scheme. 

PC: indiatoday