Government scheme: The government will provide a PNG gas connection! This scheme can be started


Under the Ujjwala scheme, free gas connections have been given to crores of poor families by the Central Government. This scheme was started in the year 2016. Now the government can implement a new scheme in the coming time.

Now the government can also start a scheme to distribute PNG gas connections like LPG gas connections. If reports are to be believed, the Central Government may name this scheme Prajwala Yojana. In this also, free gas connections will be distributed and subsidy will be given.

This scheme can be implemented by the Central Government after the Lok Sabha elections. Under this scheme, the Central Government can provide rebates and subsidy in providing PNG connection, its installation and security fees. It is very important to get approval from the cabinet regarding this scheme. However, till now no official information has been given by the government in this regard.

PC: m.indiamart

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