Government scheme: The government is giving financial assistance to protect crops from stray animals, benefits will be available under this scheme


Stray animals spoil the crops of many farmers. Due to this, they have to face financial problems. These farmers no longer need to worry.

Under a scheme from the government, farmers are now being given money to protect crops from animals. This type of scheme is being run by the Government of Rajasthan. A scheme named Tarbandi Yojana is being run by the Government of Rajasthan.

Under the scheme, the state government has now decided to install barbed wire to protect the crops from wild and stray animals. Whose benefits will be given to all the farmers. 

Farmers with 1.5 hectares of land can take advantage of this scheme. Under this, the assistance of Rs 48,000 is being given to the small and marginal farmers in the form of a 60 percent subsidy by the state government. 

PC:fortune India