Government scheme: The government gives 51 thousand rupees for a daughter's marriage, you should know


Many types of welfare schemes are being run by the Central and State Governments. A similar scheme is being run by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Chief Minister Mass Marriage Scheme is being operated by the UP government. Under this, the government provides financial assistance to the daughters of needy/destitute families. The benefit of this scheme of the state government is also given to widowed/abandoned/divorced women.

Under this, people get married according to the beliefs, customs and traditions of all religions. Under this scheme, a total financial assistance of Rs 51 thousand is given by the UP government on marriage. You should also apply for this scheme. This will prove very useful for you. Under this scheme of the UP government, Rs 35 thousand is deposited in the bride's account. The remaining money is for wedding expenses. 

PC: herzindagi.

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