Government scheme: PM Modi will launch this big scheme on Sunday, these people will get benefits


Many types of schemes are being run by the Central Government for the common people. Now the Modi government is preparing to launch a new scheme. PM Modi will now launch PM Vishwakarma Yojana for workers on Modi Vishwakarma Puja on Sunday. 

Today we are going to give you information about the benefits of the scheme. Under the scheme, a assistance amount of Rs 15000 will be given to the worker beneficiaries by the Modi government for the toolkit. Beneficiaries will also be given Rs 500 per day under the scheme.

Under the scheme, workers will be given basic skills training. After skill training, a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh will also be given without guarantee. To avail the benefits of the scheme, registration and verification will have to be done. On joining the scheme, the beneficiary will be given PM Vishwakarma certificate, certificate and ID card.