Government scheme: Government provides financial assistance of so much rupees every month to children under Shramik Vidya Yojana!


Many types of schemes are being run by the Central and State Governments to connect poor children with education. A similar scheme is being run by the government of Uttar Pradesh. 

Today we are going to give you information about the Shramik Vidya Yojana launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to help poor children.

In this scheme of UP government, every month financial assistance of Rs 1000 per month is given to children of poor families and Rs 1200 per month is given to poor girls. 

This scheme from the government is to target those children who are orphans or are so financially weak that they cannot go to school.

Those children whose one or both of their parents have died can avail the benefit of the scheme. Those whose parents are permanently disabled can also take advantage of the scheme. Children whose parents are suffering from serious illness can take advantage of this. 

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