From PM to BJP leaders will go to jail... There was an uproar in political circles over Misa's statement!



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described Congress as immersed in the quagmire of appeasement. In response to his statement, Aam Aadmi Party leader Misa Bharti has retaliated and issued such a statement, which has created a political uproar. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched a scathing attack on Misa's remarks. He has implicated Lalu Yadav's entire family in corruption. Apart from this, he said that Misa is speaking out of frustration for the same reason.

Talking to the media, Misa Bharti said that the India alliance is providing employment to 30 crore people, which seems to be appeasement to Prime Minister Modi. We are talking about doubling the income of farmers and implementing MSP, but this seems to be appeasement to them. Who will answer for the electoral bonds? If the public gives us a chance then all the BJP leaders starting from the Prime Minister will be behind bars.

In response to Misa Bharti's statement of sending Prime Minister Modi and BJP leaders to jail, MP Sudhanshu Trivedi said that with this statement she is making her father's 'pledge' ridiculous. Meanwhile, BJP national general secretary Vinod Tawde said, "The level of opposition's campaign has fallen so low that they are talking about 'Modi ji will die'." Lalu Yadav's daughter Misa has said that Modi will be sent to jail. The country wants to hear whether the corrupt will be sent to jail or not. The opposition's propaganda is at such a level that some are talking about sending leaders to jail, while others are talking about death.

He said, "Misa Bharti is very angry. Right now only one property of Bijwasan and three-four different properties have been seized. Where did so much money come from? Does Lord Kubera look at only Lalu's son and daughter? This is just the beginning. Instead of giving knowledge to the Prime Minister, wherever there are Indian coalition governments, first put the BJP leaders in jail. Misa's father Lalu Yadav was found guilty, his turn will also come. There is a lot of panic, I sympathize.”

BJP spokesperson Prabhakar Mishra said that Prime Minister Modi has said that the one who has looted will have to return it. The entire Lalu family is involved in corruption. Now when action is being taken, they are speaking angrily. Meanwhile, JDU spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said that no allegation can be leveled against Prime Minister Modi, neither past nor future. In fact, Prime Minister Modi had said that the manifesto made by Congress is not theirs. It seems that this is the manifesto of the Muslim League.