Firhad Hakim: Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim has once again given a controversial statement


Firhad Hakim Kolkata Mayor:  Firhad Hakim, the mayor of West Bengal's capital city Kolkata and a cabinet minister in the TMC government, has created a new political controversy by calling non-Muslims unlucky. The BJP has called it an act that provokes the sentiments of Hindus and is an inciting action. In fact, when Hakim 'Sahab' publicly called upon non-Hindus to accept Islam from an open platform, the uproar ended.


Hakeem's controversial statement

According to the information, Firhad Hakim's controversial statement is of July 3, 2024. When he had come to participate in a competition at Dhono Dhonio Stadium in Kolkata. During his speech, he made this comment targeting non-Muslims i.e. Hindus. He said, 'Those who were not born in Islam are unfortunate. If we can give them Dawat (ask them to accept Islam) and bring Iman (loyalty to Islam) in them, then we will be able to please Allah.'

Hakeem close to Mamta did not stop here

Firhad Hakim, a well-known face of the TMC government and a high-profile person, did not stop at just saying this. He further said, 'We need to spread Islam among non-Muslims. If we can bring someone on the path of Islam, then we will prove to be a true Muslim by spreading it. When thousands of people sit wearing caps on their heads like this, we show our strength to everyone. This shows our unity and also makes it clear that no one can suppress us.'

Firhad Bobby Hakim CONTROVERSY : BJP lashes out at Mamta government

BJP has accused Mamata Banerjee government of West Bengal and asked the question- Is Bengal slowly becoming an Islamic state? After Mamata Banerjee's call to stop Durga Puja immersion and a TMC MLA from Chopra calling for the implementation of Sharia law, along with incidents of flogging resembling Talibani practices in Jamalpur, it seems that TMC is trying to change the fate and demography of Bengal. Apart from this, an official notice of Rampurhat Jitendralal Vidya Bhavan has changed the tiffin break schedule on Friday without giving any specific reason. However, the implication behind this change is clear to many. TMC should answer these things.

who is Firhad Hakim: who is Firhad Hakim

62-year-old Firhad Hakim is counted among the most special and trusted leaders of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Firhad is also the first Muslim mayor of Kolkata. He often remains in the headlines for his statements. He has also been an accused in the Narada sting case. In the Narada sting case, the CBI had arrested many TMC leaders including Firhad Hakim. However, later he got conditional bail from the Calcutta High Court. Bengal BJP has been constantly raising questions about making Firhad Hakim the mayor.

Mamata Banerjee had also given him the responsibility of an important ministry like the Urban Development and Municipal Department. After former minister Shobhan Chatterjee resigned from the post of Kolkata Mayor in November 2018 following a rift with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Mamata Banerjee had also entrusted Firhad with the responsibility of the post of Mayor for the first time.