Father could not buy him an iPhone worth Rs. 1.50 lakh, son commits suicide


Mobile phones are a necessity today, everyone wants a mobile of their choice. But when mobile phones start becoming the cause of death, you can imagine how dangerous mobile phones have become in our lives. A shocking incident related to the iThe phone has come to light in Navi Mumbai near Mumbai. An 18-year-old boy hanged himself when his father did not buy him an iPhone. 


Father got him a Vivo phone instead of an iPhone.

In Mumbai's Kamothe area, an 18-year-old boy had demanded an iPhone from his father but the father was unable to get it for him. The father got him a Vivo phone instead. The son was so angry about this that he committed suicide by hanging himself. 

The boy was a drug addict.

Giving information, Kamothe's Senior Inspector Ajay Kamble said that the boy was a dropout from school. He had allegedly become a drug addict due to the bad company of his friends. The boy had demanded the latest iPhone from his father.

Father is a businessman

. The victim's father has a cement business. He had bought a low-cost Vivo mobile phone for his son instead of an iPhone because it was too expensive. The teenager got upset after getting the Vivo phone and he hanged himself at home and committed suicide. Police said that a case of accidental death has been registered in the matter. This incident happened on the night of July 8 at around 11:30 pm, when the son committed suicide.