Fake electricity, pink army and hand pump water… 10 secrets of Bhole Baba are locked in the 'White House'


For the last 24 hours, cries are being heard in the houses of many cities and villages including Hathras. There is mourning in the houses of people in many states. TV-9 Bharatvarsh has unveiled the mystery of Baba Narayan Sakar Hari. In this, many secrets of Sakar Hari, who has set up the market of superstition in 5 states, have come to light.

Bhole Baba's 'White House'.

The magnet of miracle is very powerful. If superstition is also mixed with people's hope of miracle, then it becomes a dangerous remote control. Which attracts a crowd of lakhs like a robot. Two and a half lakh people reached Hathras yesterday in the hope of such a miracle. These people were expecting from that Narayan Sakar Baba, who has been fooling people for years by calling the water of the hand pump as Prasad, but due to the miracle of this fake baba, cries are being heard in the houses of many cities and villages including Hathras for the last twenty-four hours.

There is mourning in people's homes in many states. For the last 24 hours, this miracle of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is being discussed all over the world. Condolence messages are coming from the country and abroad on the 121 tragic deaths in the stampede. Even today Russian President Putin has expressed deep condolences on this incident. The country is being defamed on the global stage due to such blind devotional events and fake miracles.

Why is Bhole Baba still absconding, why is he underground?

When the country is in so much pain over this incident and our country is being defamed in the world due to superstition, then questions will definitely be asked about this hypocrite Baba. Why is Bhole Baba, the 'writer who wrote the script to turn a satsang into a crematorium' in the name of faith, still absconding? Why is he underground?

Where are the organizers who hatched a conspiracy to portray Baba as God by holding a satsang hiding since the incident? Why is the name of Baba Saakar Hari, who runs a religious shop by calling himself an incarnation of Narayan, not registered in the FIR? Is a 'conspiracy being hatched to hide the crimes' of Saakar Hari?

10 big revelations related to Baba Narayan Sakar Hari

TV-9 Bharatvarsh has unveiled the mystery of the hypocrite Baba Narayan Sakar Hari. Many secrets of Sakar Hari, who runs the market of superstition in 5 states, have come to light. It is important to see these revelations so that people can stay away from such religious contractors who spread superstition.

  1. First revelation: Baba used to fool lakhs of devotees by creating artificial lightning during his satsangs.
  2. Second revelation: In his satsangs, Baba used to call himself an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by holding the Sudarshan Chakra.
  3. Third revelation: Baba used to claim that he can cure even diseases like cancer with the help of miraculous water.
  4. Fourth revelation: Saakar Hari used to say that he has miraculous powers. He can bring dead people back to life.
  5. Fifth revelation: Baba has a uniformed black army, which is ready to give life or take life at his one signal.
  6. Sixth revelation: He had a separate army of women volunteers, which he called Pink Army.
  7. Seventh revelation: Baba's White House i.e. Ashram is worth crores of rupees.
  8. Eighth revelation: Bhole Baba, who calls himself a saint, wears designer suits and black glasses. There were separate VVIP toilets and AC waiting rooms in every satsang.
  9. Ninth revelation: Baba used to run the shop of religion like a business model. He used to earn crores by giving franchises of his ashrams.
  10. Tenth and biggest disclosure: Baba is already accused in 5 serious cases including sexual abuse. Baba has old connections with the political corridors of UP.

My father has lived in his ashram for 15 years

On TV9, Baba's Sudarshandhari hypocrisy has been exposed by his former sevadar Ranjit Singh himself. Ranjit said, Bhole Baba does not have any special powers. He only pretends to have special powers. My father has lived in his ashram for 15 years. We are from the same village where Bhole Baba lives. I spent my childhood in the same village. Baba's father was Nanhe Babu, who was a farmer. After leaving the police job, Baba first prepared his agents by pretending to do satsang.

Nor does he make the girls do any wrong things

Ranjit further tells that after gathering agents, Baba gave them money. After this, people started coming here. He used to give money to the agents and make them say that they can see a chakra on Baba's finger. His agents used to say whatever Baba said. Agents used to confuse people by saying that they can see Baba's chakra in Baba's hand and sometimes a trident in his hand. He further told that many 16-17 year old girls live in Baba's ashram, whom he calls his disciples. He also makes these girls do wrong things.