Expressway Toll Rate Hike: From April 1, traveling on the expressway will be expensive, now you will have to pay this much toll tax


On the first day of April, people traveling on the expressway are going to get a big shock. From April 1, these people will have to loosen their pockets further. The reason for this is that the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has increased the toll for vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway from April 1. MSRDC has announced to increase the toll by 18 percent.

According to reports, an MSRDC official informed that while the toll increases by six per cent every year, it is brought down to 18 per cent after every three years. Now from April 1, four wheelers will have to pay Rs 320 instead of Rs 270 as toll. h

For minibuses and tempos, Rs 495 instead of Rs 420, for big trucks Rs 685 instead of Rs 585 and for buses Rs 940 instead of Rs 797 will be collected.