EXIT POLL: BJP's graph rises in Bengal-Odisha, clean sweep in 6 states... Modi government again in exit poll


The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be declared on June 4, but before that, the most accurate exit poll has come out. In the exit polls of TV9 Bharatvarsh, POLSTRAT, and PEOPLE'S INSIGHT with a sample size of 1 crore, BJP is estimated to get 311 seats. Whereas, NDA can get 346 seats. India Alliance can get 162 seats.

PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Party President JP Nadda

Voting for Lok Sabha elections in 2024 was held in seven phases. The fate of the candidates has been captured in the EVM. Now the wait is for June 4 when the election results will be declared, but before that, the exit poll of TV9 Bharatvarsh, POLSTRAT, and PEOPLE'S INSIGHT has come. This exit poll with a sample size of 1 crore is the largest. According to the exit poll, once again the BJP government can come to power at the Center. BJP is expected to get 311 seats. 346 seats can go to the account of NDA. At the same time, India Alliance can get 162 seats.

BJP is not seen doing anything special in the South, but it is seen doing a clean sweep in states like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat. BJP is also expected to benefit in West Bengal. It was able to win 18 seats in the 2019 elections, but it is expected to get 21 seats in the 2024 elections. BJP is neither gaining nor losing in Uttar Pradesh. It can win 62 seats.

The states in which BJP is expected to gain are Punjab, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Odisha. BJP is expected to get 3 seats in Punjab, 21 in West Bengal, 2 in Tamil Nadu, 11 in Assam, and 13 in Odisha. At the same time, the BJP is facing losses in states like Karnataka, and Rajasthan.

BJP government can be formed once again at the center

In which states BJP can do a clean sweep

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Delhi
  • Gujarat


How many seats is BJP getting in the South?

BJP does not seem to be gaining much in the South. Karnataka has been its stronghold, but it is expected to suffer losses there too in this election. In 2019, BJP won 25 seats in Karnataka, but this time it can get only 18 seats. That means it is losing 7 seats. Talking about Kerala, Congress can get 13 seats here, CPI (M) 2, CPI 1 seat. BJP's account is opening here this time. It can win 1 seat.

In Tamil Nadu, the BJP is repeating its 2014 performance. It can win 2 seats here. The seats where BJP has been predicted to win in Tamil Nadu in the exit polls are Coimbatore and Tirunelveli. Here, the All India Alliance can get 35 out of 39 seats, while the NDA can get 4 seats.

According to the exit poll, BJP can get 7 seats in Telangana. Congress is likely to get 8 seats and BRS is likely to get one seat. AIMIM is also expected to get one seat.

The condition of the BJP in Bihar is the same as in 2019

The condition of the BJP in Bihar is the same as in the 2019 elections. It can get 17 seats here. JDU is seen winning 7 seats, LJP 4 seats, and Jitan Ram Manjhi's HAM party 1 seat. That means NDA is getting 29 seats. Whereas, in India Alliance, RJD is getting 6 seats and Congress is getting 2 seats.

BJP neither gains nor loses in UP

BJP's performance in UP is the same as in 2019. It may get 62 seats this time too. NDA is seen getting 66 seats. At the same time, the INDIA alliance of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress is seen getting a big advantage. In the exit poll, the INDIA alliance is seen getting 14 seats. At the same time, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is seen getting out at zero. In the India alliance, SP is getting 11 seats and Congress 3 seats. RLD has benefited from coming together with the BJP. In 2019, it did not win a single seat, but this time it is estimated to get 2 seats.

Setback to NDA in Maharashtra

NDA seems to be getting a setback in Maharashtra. In the exit poll, out of 48 seats in Maharashtra, NDA seems to be getting 22, India alliance 25 and others 1 seat. If seen on a party basis, BJP seems to be getting 18, Congress 5, Shiv Sena 4, Shiv Sena Uddhav faction 14, NCP Sharad Pawar faction 06, and 01 seat is seen going to others.

In the exit poll, NCP Ajit Pawar's faction is not seen getting even a single seat. Talking about vote percentage, NDA is expected to get 45.03%, All India Alliance 41.40% and others 13.57% votes.