Ethanol: Petrol will be cheaper due to more production of ethanol! Learn how to take a break from inflation


The consumption of natural fuel is increasing rapidly all over the world. In such a situation, there is a danger of ending the stock of petrol and diesel soon. But along with India, other countries have chosen a better option to reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel. Now the use of organic fuel is being promoted instead of natural fuel. Especially in India, crores of liters of ethanol are being made every year from sugarcane juice, which is being used as fuel.

To make ethanol, sugarcane is first crushed in a machine. After this, the sugarcane juice is collected in a tank and left for fermentation for a few hours. Then ethanol is made by giving a hit of electricity in the tang. The special thing is that you can make up to 90 liters of ethanol from one ton of sugarcane. While only 110 to 120 kg of sugar can be produced from one ton of sugarcane.

Ethanol is a kind of organic fuel. It is used as a mixing fuel in petrol. Vehicles running on it give less pollution. In such a situation, we can say that ethanol is beneficial for the environment as well as for the farmers. On the other hand, due to the increase in the use of ethanol as fuel, the general public will also get relief from inflation.

30 to 35 rupees per liter will be saved

Actually, right now the price of ethanol is 60 to 65 rupees, while the price of petrol is around 100 rupees. If the use of ethanol as fuel increases in the coming times, then the general public will get relief from inflation. When the price of petrol and diesel increases, it has a direct impact on inflation, because the cost of freight increases. In such a situation, the things to eat and drink become expensive. Even if using ethanol as fuel, the common man will save Rs. 30 to 35 per liter as compared to petrol.

Carbon emissions have also been reduced by 27 lakh tonnes

At present, 10 percent ethanol is being sold inside the country by mixing it with petrol. While the target of the central government is to increase the amount of ethanol in petrol to 20 percent by the year 2025. However, by mixing ethanol in the fuel, the central government has so far saved foreign exchange worth Rs 41 thousand crore. Along with this, the emission of about 27 lakh tonnes of carbon has also been reduced.

About 200 crore liters of ethanol are produced

Uttar Pradesh is the largest ethanol-producing state in the country. About 200 crore liters of ethanol are produced here. The special thing is that five years ago, UP was able to produce only 24 crore liters of ethanol. However, even after producing the most ethanol, Uttar Pradesh is number one in the country in sugar production as well. In the sugarcane season 2022-23, UP has produced 150.8 lakh tonnes of sugar, which is more than 150.8 lakh tonnes till the same period last year. In such a situation, we can say that ethanol production will not affect sugar production.