EPFO: In this scheme the account holder gets a cover of seven lakh rupees, very few people will know about it


A large number of employees in the country have provident fund accounts. In this, some part of the salary is deducted and deposited every month. The employee withdraws this money after retirement.

If you also have a PF account, then today we are going to give you some information, which will prove beneficial for you. Employee Deposit Linked Scheme is being run by EPFO ​​for PF account holders. Under this, a special facility of Rs 7 lakh is being provided to the account holders. You do not have to pay any separate expense for this facility. 

EPFO provides death insurance cover of Rs 7 lakh to account holders. Under this, in case of unfortunate death of an employee, a cover of Rs 7 lakh is given to his nominee. Very few people will know about this scheme. Under this, a lump sum payment of Rs 2 lakh and a maximum of Rs 7 lakh is made. 

PC: cnbctv18