Employees got a big gift before the Lok Sabha elections, honorarium has increased.


Before the first phase of Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, the personnel employed in polling and counting including other work have received a big gift. The honorarium of these personnel has been increased before the elections.

Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta has given this information. Praveen Gupta said in this regard that the honorarium of the personnel appointed for polling and counting of votes including other work under the Lok Sabha general elections has been increased.

Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta said that the micro observer appointed at the booth on the day of polling will now be given a remuneration of Rs 1,000 for the first two days and Rs 500 per day (maximum Rs 3,000) for duty more than two days. He said that earlier a lump sum amount of Rs 1,000 was given to the micro observer as remuneration. Due to home voting, the election duty of many micro observers is more than two days. Now they will be able to benefit from this increase.


Praveen Gupta informed that the daily allowance of the support staff appointed with the polling and counting team has now been increased from Rs 250 to Rs 300. At the same time, the honorarium of personnel appointed along with the polling team, zonal magistrate, area magistrate, home guard, forest guard, village guard team, NCC senior cadets, ex-servicemen etc. has also been increased to Rs 400. Earlier they used to get Rs 350. The honorarium of personnel employed in videography and photography work has also been increased from Rs 250 to Rs 400. It is noteworthy that voting for Lok Sabha elections will be held in Rajasthan on 19 and 26 April. 

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