EMI: Know Which cases came up from Gujarat?


EMI: Whenever there is talk of development in the country, the name of the Gujarat model is mentioned. In the same Gujarat, a model has emerged, after knowing that,  no one in the whole country will like this model, nor will encourage it. Know what is the whole matter.


Gujarat: You all must have heard the name of Gujarat model many times, you must have heard it during elections, whenever there is talk of development in the whole country, there is talk of implementation of the Gujarat model. But today we are not going to tell you about the Gujarat model, rather a model is being discussed a lot in Gujarat these days, whose name is- the 'EMI model'. Let us know what is EMI model.

EMI model

Suppose if someone tells you that some corrupt officials are giving EMI facility to people to take bribes, then you will definitely be surprised, you will not be able to understand how EMI in bribes is possible, but this model is very popular in Gujarat these days. Many cases related to this have come to light. This year 10 sensational cases of bribe on EMI have come to light in Gujarat.

EMI of bribe! To avoid burden on people, 

some corrupt officials of Gujarat have adopted a unique way of taking bribes. Officials are taking bribes in EMIs so that no one gets troubled by bribes. The surprising thing is that people are also giving bribes to corrupt officials in EMIs i.e. instalments. This year, ten such cases have been registered by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).TRENDING NOW

According to a report published in the English newspaper 'Times of India', the practice of taking bribe money in EMI is becoming very popular. Officials of the Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) say that ten such cases have come to light this year alone.

Which cases came up?

In the GST fake billing scam in March, a person was asked to pay a bribe of Rs 21 lakh, in which he had to pay the entire amount to the officials in 10 installments of Rs 2 lakh each and one installment of Rs 1 lakh. This way the accused does not face any trouble and the officials also get the entire bribe money.

Even the farmer was not spared.

On 4th April, a deputy sarpanch in Surat demanded a bribe of Rs. 85,000 to get a villager's field leveled. Seeing his poor financial condition, the accused showed some mercy. They gave the poor man the option of EMI. Accordingly, he was asked to pay Rs. 35,000 upfront and the rest in three installments.

Police absconded with the first installment of the bribe

Two corrupt policemen in Sabarkantha, Gujarat also committed a similar crime. They took a bribe of Rs 4 lakh from a person in Sabarkantha and absconded. The person from whom Rs 4 lakh bribe was taken had to pay a bribe of Rs 10 lakh. This Rs 4 lakh was his first installment.

What the Anti-Corruption Bureau has to say

A senior ACB official said, "A person who is unable to buy a house, car or any valuable thing takes a loan on EMI. Corrupt officials are now adopting the same method for bribes." According to ACB director and DGP (law and order) Shamsher Singh, this could be just a small case as the agency is "only investigating cases that have come to their notice, there could be many such cases which have not come to their notice yet."