Education News- Controversy broke out in Karnataka over not covering the head in the exam, know other rules


Controversy has arisen regarding the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) Recruitment Examination 2023 . Let us tell you that the authority has imposed dress code for the examination , hence the ban on head covering has created a stir within a specific community. The guidelines issued by the KEA did not explicitly forbid wearing the hijab , but did ban head coverings and full-sleeved dresses to prevent cheating , which has sparked protests .

Exam Details:

  • KEA Exam 2023 is scheduled on November 18 and 19 , 2023 .
  • The examination authority issued comprehensive guidelines, including dress code , which initially faced opposition.

Controversy regarding head covering:

The initial ban on head coverings led to discontent among specific communities. Despite there being no explicit ban on the hijab , opposition grew , leading to protests against perceived infringements on religious dress.

Mangalsutra and Bichiya rules:

Previous controversies in the Karnataka Civil Services Examination prompted a review of jewelery rules. In the present examination women are allowed to wear only Mangalsutra and Bichhiya as jewellery.


Hijab controversy:

Wearing the hijab was initially permitted by the Government of Karnataka , but wearing the hijab became controversial due to alleged instances of candidates using Bluetooth devices hidden within the hijab.

Subsequently , the ban on hijab was lifted , but strict measures were implemented, including early arrivals and thorough searches for those who chose to wear it.

Additional Dress Code Restrictions:

In response to the protests , candidates can now wear the hijab, but must arrive early to undergo a thorough security check. Prohibitions include high heels , jeans , T-shirts , and for male candidates , only half shirts are allowed , which should not be tucked into trousers. Special restrictions are in place on clothing with pockets , buttons and embroidery, along with guidelines against wearing shoes and kurta pajama.