Delhi Budget: Home Ministry approves Delhi government's budget, Kejriwal targets central government


Delhi's budget was to be presented on Tuesday but the Ministry of Home Affairs had put a stop to it and after that Delhi's budget could not be presented. After this CM Kejriwal wrote a letter to the PM and after that the budget was approved. Earlier, Kejriwal had accused the central government of stalling Delhi's budget. 

According to the information, the Ministry of Home Affairs had sought answers from the Delhi government on three issues including advertisements. But the Delhi government did not respond and the budget could not be approved. Here, Arvind Kejriwal targeted the Center in the assembly as soon as the budget was approved by the Center. 

He said that in the 75 years of the country's history, no government budget was stopped. We sent the budget on Tuesday without any changes to his objections and he approved it. Such arrogance is not good. In such a situation, now the budget of the Delhi government will be presented.