Declaration of withdrawal of all three black agricultural laws is a victory of democracy: Gehlot


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot today took a jibe at the central government over the announcement by PM Modi to withdraw three agricultural laws. CM Ashok Gehlot tweeted in this regard and said that the announcement of the return of all three black agricultural laws is a victory of democracy and defeat of the arrogance of the Modi government.

This is a victory for the patience of the farmers who have been agitating for the last one year. The country can never forget that hundreds of farmers have lost their lives due to the short-sightedness and pride of the Modi government. I bow to all the farmers who sacrificed their lives in the farmers' movement. This is the victory of his sacrifice.

Significantly, PM Modi has announced the withdrawal of all three agriculture laws today. With this announcement of PM Modi, now the farmers' movement will end. For a long time, farmers have been agitating against all three agricultural laws.