Death anniversary special: If Rajiv Gandhi was not married to Sonia, then this girl would have become his wife! Know this interesting story


When Rajiv Gandhi went abroad to study, he fell in love with Sonia Gandhi there. After this they did love marriage. However, Rajeev's mother Indira preferred another girl for him.

New Delhi: Today is the death anniversary (May 21) of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. On this day in 1991, he was assassinated by LTTE terrorists in Tamil Nadu. Everyone knows that Rajiv had a love marriage with Sonia Gandhi, but today on the occasion of Rajiv's death anniversary, we will tell you that if Rajiv had not married Sonia then who would have become his wife?

This actor's daughter was Indira Gandhi's choice

Senior journalist Rashid Kidwai has told about this in his book 'Leader Actor: Bollywood Star Power in Indian Politics'. Actually Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi had liked each other abroad and later they did love marriage. But Rajiv's mother and former PM of the country Indira Gandhi wanted Rajiv to marry Ritu, the elder daughter of Bollywood's famous actor Raj Kapoor. A big reason behind this was also that the Gandhi family and the Kapoor family were very good friends. However, this could not happen because when Rajiv went abroad to study, he fell in love with Sonia and got married.

Her father did not want to get Sonia married to Rajeev

Sonia Gandhi once told that her father did not want her to marry Rajiv Gandhi. In fact, before Rajiv was about to come to India, he had gone to Sonia's father to talk about marriage. But Sonia's father was not ready for the marriage because India was far away and the culture there was different. He felt that if his daughter would not be able to adjust in the environment. Although Sonia went against the decision of her parents and married Rajeev.