Cyber Fraud: Do you also want your income tax refund, but do not get trapped in this fraud

Taxpayers, please note…Cyber ​​thugs have now boarded the income tax refund 'bandit'…keep your account safe…

Cyber ​​fraud has increased so much around us that they try new tricks to rob you every day so that you get trapped in their trap in some way or the other. They keep changing their tricks along with seasonal changes and fool people according to the current situations. They know that in the month of June-July, all taxpayers file their returns and wait for their refund. So nowadays they are taking advantage of this and cheating people in the name of refund. If you also file returns, then it is important to be cautious of them. For this, read this report.

Is your income tax refund coming soon?

Who doesn't like to see money coming and when one's own money comes back, the happiness doubles? Taxpayers also feel the same happiness in June-July because this is the time when income tax returns are filed and your refund comes to your account in July or August. At such a time, any message related to a refund seems very special which you do not want to ignore. And taking advantage of this, cybercriminals are sending messages in the name of income tax refunds.

Collect your refund

A similar message was also received by 42-year-old Naresh Kumar (name changed) living in Gurugram, who is a teacher by profession. He recently received a message that his refund of Rs 15,490 would be credited to his bank account and in that message, cybercriminals also gave a fake account number. The message said that if you want to update your bank account number for a refund, then click on this link. Since the message did not come from the server code but from a phone number, Naresh ji got suspicious and he verified it by sending it to one of his friends. His cyber expert friend told him that this message was a fraud, so he immediately informed the cyber cell about it.

New trick of cybercrime

A similar incident happened with 43-year-old Praveen Kumar (name changed) who lives in Delhi. He is a businessman by profession. But he was contacted not through a message but through mail. He was sent an email by the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Department of Karnataka which stated that a refund of Rs 41,104 was overdue. It was written in the email that one detail given by you is not correct due to which the refund was not cleared. To get the refund, click on this link and correct the details. Praveen ji also got a little suspicious about the address from which the mail was sent and he also reported it to the cyber cell.

The courage of cyber thugs is increasing.

Both cases are enough to tell that cybercriminals try to rob you in any way. Only your alertness can save you. Cyber ​​Security Officer Rajkumar Yadav says that now the scope of cybercrime has increased a lot, these criminals try their best to cheat you in some way or the other because on one hand it is a bit difficult to catch them and on the other hand getting released on bail in these cases also keeps their spirits high. This is the reason why these cyber thugs are not scared of cheating people at all.

Seasonal impostors

Rajkumar further explains that cyber thugs try to take advantage of every current situation, that is, you can say that they find opportunities in every disaster. Like today is the time for income tax returns, so they have started trying this trick in which every 10th person tried by them falls into their trap. They did the same during the construction of the Ram temple. They started duping people in the name of giving donations. The same was seen during the election results. When people got messages of free mobile recharge in the joy of winning the election.

How does this fraud happen?

These cyber thugs send such tempting messages and ask you to click on a link where you can give your information but this link is sent to hack your phone. As soon as you dial this link or the given number, your phone gets hacked and they are able to access your bank account, and phone data. After hacking the phone, they either empty your bank account or ask for financial help in your name from your contacts and people also send money after seeing your number.

Income Tax Department does not send such messages.

On the message of income tax refund, which seeks opportunity in disaster, Chartered Accountant Yatindra Khemka says that since most people get their refund in July-August, people believe such messages but it is worth noting that first of all in the case of income tax refund, it tells you that the income tax return you have filed has been processed and if you have any refund, it has been processed but it is not mentioned anywhere in that message that you have to click on this link or you have to upload any of your bank details or other details. If you have any doubts, then contact your Chartered Accountant i.e. CA who has filed your return.

Take care of the server code.

ACP, Cyber ​​Crime, Noida, Vivek Ranjan Rai says that before clicking on the link of any such message, it is necessary to verify whether this message has come from the Income Tax Department or not. From the server code, you come to know whether this message is being sent from a number or through a server, because if any message is sent from the Income Tax Department, then they have their own server code. Like you often see in the messages of every bank or such department. AX-HDFCBK, JD-DOTDEL, JM-ICICIT, and TM-KOTAKB are some examples of such messages through which any government and non-government organization communicates through messages, but if the message has come from a phone number and not from a server, then it creates suspicion.

How to avoid cyber fraud

Go to the income tax website.

In case of any doubt, you can go to the income tax website and check the return you have filed. For this, you do not need to click on any link. You will know from the site itself how much refund you have and when it will be processed. Keep in mind that the income tax department does not send any such link on which the refund can be processed by clicking. Their aim is to know your bank details by luring you. You have to avoid this.

How to avoid cyber fraud

It is important to remember that cyber criminals take advantage of three things in your life. The first is fear, in which they tell you that if you do not do this then this will happen, in which most of the people click on the links sent by them out of fear of not losing money. The second is greed. In which they rob you by luring you with money, any scheme, or a free gift. The thing to be kept in mind here is that you should not get lured by any such scheme or gift for which you have not applied yourself. The third is ignorance, if you do not know anything then there are high chances that you will get trapped in their trap. Therefore, in view of the increasing cyber crime nowadays, you should not blindly trust any unknown message, email, or phone. Avoid reacting immediately to everything and give some time to think about that fear, greed, or ignorance. As soon as you give a second minute, everything will become clear to you and you will be saved from falling into their trap.