Crime Update : Hathras's daughter's culprit punished, read court's decision


The decision has come after 900 days in the famous daughter case of Hathras. The court has imposed a fine of 50 thousand on one of the accused Sandeep along with life imprisonment.

The court found one of the four accused guilty and acquitted the remaining three accused. The court held the accused Sandeep guilty under section 304 SC-ST Act of IPC, the charge of misconduct has not been proved.

The counsel for the daughter's side said that the High Court will go against this decision of the court, CBI had filed a charge sheet in the cases of gang rape and murder. On 14 September 2020, a Scheduled Caste girl was raped in a village in the Chandpa area of Hathras, after which she died.

Advocate Munna Singh Pundir of the accused side says that the fourth accused Sandeep is also innocent, and will go to the High Court to prove Sandeep innocent.