Crime: Triple murder in Jodhpur, elderly woman chopped with an axe; 2 innocent girls drowned in water


People are terrified due to three murders in broad daylight in Jodhpur. The deceased include an elderly woman and two innocent sisters. An unknown miscreant entered the house and committed the murder. The elderly woman was cut with an axe. The innocent sisters were killed by drowning them in a water tank.

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A triple murder in Jodhpur, Rajasthan caused a sensation. An unknown miscreant entered the house in broad daylight and killed the grandmother and her two innocent granddaughters. An axe was stabbed in the head of the mother of the innocent girls. She is seriously injured. This murder incident spread panic in the area. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and started investigation. Rs 2 lakh is said to be missing from the house.

The miscreant killed the innocent children by drowning them in the tank water. Their grandmother was killed by chopping her with an axe. Blood was seen everywhere at the crime scene. Senior police officers also reached the spot. The seriously injured mother has been admitted to the hospital. The reason for the murder and who committed it is not yet known. The police is investigating the case from every angle. The FSL team has collected evidence from the crime scene.

Grandmother was chopped with an axe

The incident took place in Nandra Khurd of Banad police station area of ​​Jodhpur district. On Wednesday afternoon, an unknown miscreant entered the house and killed 65-year-old Bhawari Devi by attacking her with an axe. The attacker killed five-year-old Bhavna and three-and-a-half-year-old Lakshita present in the house by drowning them in water. He hit the head of Santosh alias Santu, the mother of the innocent girls, with an axe. She was seriously injured. The axe got stuck in Santu's head. The attacker fled after the incident. These were the people present in the house when the incident took place.

The residents were drowned in a water tank

According to the police, the deceased elderly woman Bhanwari Devi lived with her elder son Pukhraj in his house. A few days ago, her daughter Santosh had come to her maternal home from her in-laws' house with her two daughters Bhavna and Lakshita. On Wednesday, Pukhraj had gone to the shop to work and his wife had gone to the market to shop. In the afternoon, someone entered the house and killed Bhanwari Devi, Bhanwa and Lakshita. Santosh was also attacked. An axe got stuck in his head. The doctors have removed the axe, but his condition remains critical. The police is investigating the matter.