CRIME: Man Murders Partner, Registers Body in His Own Name; Police Arrest Man Declared Dead Ten Years Ago


To have a criminal case against him dismissed in Sitarganj, the accused killed his partner and assumed the deceased's identity. The police have now solved the murder case and arrested the criminal, who was reported dead on paper 10 years ago, from Lalkuan.

In a bid to clear his criminal record, a notorious criminal killed his accomplice and passed off the body as his own. His family supported the deception by identifying the unclaimed body as his. The police have now unraveled the scheme, arresting the criminal who had been declared dead for the past decade.

On Monday, SSP Manjunath TC revealed that Mukesh Yadav, a notorious criminal from Moradabad, conspired with his family to fake his death to escape pending criminal charges. He killed Maninder alias Mani from his village, and his family conducted the Panchnama (post-mortem examination) under Mukesh’s name. With his brother Dharampal’s help, he then obtained a death certificate from Nagar Palika Sitarganj.

Following the incident, Mukesh adopted a new identity and lived in Shahjahanpur, UP, to evade the police. The SSP reported that a special police team was formed to apprehend the notorious criminal. Mukesh Yadav, along with his brother Dharampal, was arrested from Lalkuan.

The investigation began after Monu Yadav, the brother of the deceased Maninder, informed senior police officials that Mukesh was alive. He reported that Maninder had worked with Mukesh and had been missing since the incident. Senior officials assigned the investigation to the Uttarakhand STF. Following a thorough investigation, Mukesh was apprehended. Based on the investigation report, Sitarganj police have registered a case against Mukesh Yadav, Dharampal, Bhikam Singh, Sudha, Sangeeta, and Pappu, residents of Rampur.