CP Joshi said this big thing regarding the withdrawal of Sunil Sharma's ticket


Before the first phase of voting for Lok Sabha elections, State BJP President CP Joshi has fiercely targeted the Congress. MP CP Joshi even said for the Congress that before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress has come on crutches and the weakness in the alliance is visible.

During this, CP Joshi has also taken a dig at Congress for withdrawing the ticket of Sunil Sharma from the Jaipur City seat. According to reports, in this regard, CP Joshi linked the decision to give a ticket from the Jaipur Lok Sabha seat to Sunil Sharma, former director of India Dialogue in Jaipur and then withdrew the ticket, to insult the candidate.

He even said that Congress had insulted him by withdrawing the ticket from Sunil Sharma. CP Joshi said that Congress either does not give thoughtfully or it is a part of their process. During this time he has also given his reaction regarding BJP. He said that the lotus symbol is paramount in the BJP. 

PC: arlivenews