Corona vaccination certificate made according to WHO, know how to add the date of birth on Covin platform


Those taking anti-Covid vaccine in the country will now be able to get a certificate according to international standards. For this, a new option has been given in the Cowin platform. Learn how to add your date of birth on the vaccine certificate in this ...

Those taking the anti-corona vaccine in India will now be able to get a certificate according to international standards. For this, a new option has been given in the Covin platform, in which they can add their date of birth on the vaccine certificate. The date of birth has been made mandatory in the standards of the Corona Vaccine Certificate of the World Health Organization (WHO). Presently, there was no provision of date of birth in the certificate issued from the Covin platform.

A senior official of the National Health Authority (NHA), which operates the Kovin platform, said that given the increasing recognition of the corona vaccine certificate for movement in the world, it has been decided to make it WHO compliant. He said that any person going abroad can go to the option of International Certificate on the Covin platform and add his date of birth and passport number to it.

After this, he will get a new certificate, which will contain the date of birth as well as his passport number. Although the option of adding a passport number to the certificate was already given, the option of date of birth has been given now. The senior official said that many other countries including 15 countries of Europe have recognized the Indian vaccine Kovishield. Those taking both doses of Kovishield in these countries will not have to stay in quarantine when they go to these countries.

During the recognition of Covishield in the UK, a controversy arose over the certificate issued by the Covin platform. After this, the attention of the NHA came to the notice of the date of birth not being mentioned in the certificate and efforts started to correct it. According to a senior official, the international certificate now available on the Covin platform is in line with WHO norms.

Add the date of birth like this

To add the date of birth, one has to first register with his/her mobile number on the Covin platform. While registering, the details of the vaccine along with the name of the beneficiary will be revealed. Below will be two options for the certificate. On clicking on the international certificate in them, an option will come to fill in the date of birth and passport number. After filling and saving these, the international certificate will be on the screen in front, which can be saved easily.