Corona cases decreased in Delhi-Mumbai: Really decreasing the number of new infected or disturbances in testing? Know what the data says


The daily cases of coronavirus in India are constantly making a new record. A day earlier, new cases of corona in the country had crossed 2.64 lakh. If we talk about the last 24 hours, then once again 2.70 lakh cases of corona are expected to be found in India. However, in the meantime, a shocking trend is the reduction in new cases of corona in Mumbai and Delhi. However, it is not yet clear whether this decrease in the country's capital and financial capital has come due to the peak of Corona or whether the decrease in the number of tests in both places also played a role.


What has been the trend of the last two days in Delhi-Mumbai?
The maximum number of 28 thousand 867 cases of the corona were registered in Delhi on Thursday, January 12. However, on Friday this figure came down to 24 thousand 483. That is, in a single day, there was a decrease of about 20 percent in corona cases in the capital. On the other hand, 13 thousand 702 cases of the corona were reported in Mumbai on Thursday, while on Friday also there was a decrease of 17 percent in corona cases and the number of new infected came to 11 thousand 317. Even before this, the cases of corona are continuously coming down in Mumbai.

If these figures are considered, then it seems that the peak of the third wave of the corona has come in Mumbai and the decrease in new cases has started in Delhi as well. However, if we look at the testing data together, it appears that there has been a tremendous reduction in testing at both places. Despite this, the test positivity rate (number of infected per 100 tests) in Mumbai has been continuously decreasing, while the TPR is increasing in Delhi.


What does the data of testing and detection of infected people say for Mumbai and Delhi?
TPR means the number of people found corona infected per 100 tests. Talking about the last seven days, this figure has gone down continuously in Mumbai. The TPR in the city was at an all-time high of 28.95 percent on January 7. That is, during this time in Mumbai, about 29 people were being found positive per 100 tests. However, on Friday, Mumbai's test positivity rate has come down to 20.6 percent. That is, in every 100 tests, now 20-21 people are getting infected. But this situation is when only 54 thousand 924 tests of corona have been done in Mumbai, which is the lowest number of tests in eight days.

On the other hand, in Delhi, TPR stood at 30.64 percent on Friday. This means that in Delhi for every 100 tests, 30-31 people were getting infected. This is the highest rate of test positivity in Delhi in the past months. The surprising thing is that this high infection rate of Delhi was recorded when only 79 thousand 578 tests were conducted in the capital on Friday. This was the second lowest number of Tests in eight days.

If the old trends are remembered, then it comes to the fore that in both the cities, the number of infected is also high in more tests. However, the number of infected in Mumbai is continuously decreasing at the average level. That is, for Mumbai, it can be assumed that the peak of the third wave of Corona has arrived. But the test positivity rate in Delhi has increased by 13 percent in the last eight days. That is, the peak of Corona is yet to come here.