Congress has now taken this big resolution before the Lok Sabha elections!


Before the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has taken a big resolution in the interest of women. Before the implementation of the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has now resolved to consider a woman as Mahalakshmi and deposit Rs 1 lakh per year in her account. Rahul Gandhi has given this information through social media.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted in this regard today that every poor woman in the country needs to understand 'Mahalakshmi Yojana' very carefully. Congress has resolved to consider one woman from every poor family as Mahalakshmi and deposit Rs 1 lakh in her account every year.

Women are the 'bank of the house' to whom every rupee goes to strengthen the family and strong families are the basis of a strong society. Now the woman will not need to extend her hand or bow her gaze in front of anyone. The woman of the house will be able to bear the burden of studies, earnings, and medicines on her shoulders. One lakh in the hands of women also means insurance against any sudden calamity that the family faces. This scheme will help in starting small investment businesses in large numbers and will also make women entrepreneurs from every village.

Congress believes in investing in the aspirations of women for the bright future of the country. Mahalakshmi is not just a scheme but a guarantee of better health, safety, dignity, and prosperity for half the population. The days of struggle are over, now happiness awaits you.

PC: newindianexpress