Common people will not be affected by Congress's Guarantee Yatra: CP Joshi


Bharatiya Janata Party State President CP Joshi has targeted Congress regarding the Guarantee Yatra. CP Joshi on Wednesday inaugurated the election office of Chittorgarh BJP candidate Narpat Singh Rajvi and addressed the officials, public representatives, workers and general public present. He has tweeted this information. 

He tweeted that the common people will not be affected by the yatra of the Congress whose guarantee has now been ended by the people of Rajasthan. Congress, which came to power in the last elections by making false promises, issues orders to auction the lands of farmers.

Cheats the youth. Plays with women's safety and insults Sanatan Dharma. The people of Chittorgarh have to take a pledge to overthrow the rule of such an indolent Congress government. Your candidate is Kamal. Elect the government of development by pressing the lotus button.

PC: twitter