CNG Price: Now CNG has become so cheap, now it will be available at this price!


Before the Lok Sabha elections, good news has come for the people of Mumbai. The news is that the prices of CNG have decreased here. This is a big gift for people driving CNG vehicles before the Lok Sabha elections. According to reports, CNG prices in Mumbai have been reduced by Rs 2.5 per kg.

The new prices of CNG from the public sector Mahanagar Gas Limited have come into effect from Tuesday night itself. Due to reduction in the price of CNG by Rs 2.5 per kg by the state-run Mahanagar Gas Limited, its price here has now come down to Rs 73.50 per kg.

Earlier, the price of CNG in metropolitan Mumbai and its surrounding areas was Rs 76 per kg. According to reports, the cut in CNG prices is due to reduction in input costs. The reduction in CNG prices has brought great relief to the drivers.

PC: abplive