Claim of Not Accepting a Single Penny in Donations, Yet Assets Exceeding 100 Crores... What is the Secret Behind Bhole Baba's 'Miraculous Enterprise'?


Claims not to have taken a single penny in donation, property worth more than 100 crores… What is Bhole Baba's 'miraculous company'?

Rajasthan connection of this white-collared Bhole Baba alias Surajpal has also come to light. His sermon was held in Dausa in November last year. About 1 lakh people attended the sermon in Dausa. The big thing is that Surajpal's court in Dausa was held at the place of the paper leak mafia Harshvardhan. Baba preached here about 4 times a month. Like other places, here too Baba's personal army was deployed during the Satsang.

Bhole baba

80 hours have passed since the death of more than 100 devotees in Hathras, but Baba Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba alias Surajpal has not yet come forward. He himself has not come forward, but many sensational truths about him have definitely come to the fore. One of these truths is about the immense wealth of Narayan Sakar Hari, who claims not to take donations from any devotee. The property of this baba, the owner of many ashrams in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, is said to be more than Rs 100 crore. In such a situation, the question is how did Surajpal, who did babagiri in white clothes after the khaki uniform, build such a big economy?

According to the information available so far, Bhole Baba owns property worth more than Rs 100 crore. There are about 25 ashrams in Uttar Pradesh alone. Along with this, he also has a convoy of 25-30 luxury cars. Hundreds of sevadars were deployed for his service. The matter of a private army of thousands of sevadars has come to light. Obviously, lakhs of rupees must be spent every month on the ashrams and sevadars. In such a situation, the question is that where does Baba, who claims not to take even a rupee donation from any devotee, get so much money from? How did he become the owner of such a chain of ashrams?

  • This ashram is spread over 21 bighas of land in the Bichhua area of ​​Mainpuri.
  • This ashram with many rooms is also called the White House.
  • In this, 6 special rooms are reserved for Baba and his wife.
  • No one can enter Baba's room without permission.
  • In this ashram, around 80 servants are always deployed to serve Baba.
  • If Baba had to go anywhere for satsang, he would go from this ashram.
  • This ashram is in the name of Ram Kutir Charitable Trust.
  • Although Baba claims not to take donations from anyone, but there is a list of 200 donors in this ashram.
  • In which accounts of donations ranging from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 2.5 lakh are recorded.
  • Equipped with all the amenities, this ashram even has a helipad.
  • There is a huge ground in front of this ashram, where a crowd of 3 lakh people can gather.

Followers are still coming to Mainpur Ashram.

The flow of devotees who believe in Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari is still continuing outside his Mainpuri ashram. When some devotees were talked to, it was found that some women from Badaun were also included in them. They claimed to have been present in the satsang in Hathras and according to them, Baba was not at fault in the stampede. Baba is God. It is reported that the UP STF team reached this ashram in Mainpuri at midnight. It is being told that the STF team left the ashram with some vehicles after about an hour.

Ashram in Bahadur Nagar of Kasganj

Now let us know the reality of the other ashrams of Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari. Baba also has a big ashram in Bahadur Nagar of Kasganj. This ashram in Surajpal's ancestral village is spread over 18 bighas. There are 22 bighas of agricultural land near the ashram. This ashram of Baba is no less than a five-star hotel or resort. There is a board in this ashram too. On which it is written that donations are not taken. In such a situation, the question remains that when donations were not taken, then by what miracle did this majestic ashram appear?

Excellent arrangements for facilities

There are excellent arrangements for amenities inside the ashram and there is also an area where no one is allowed to go. It is said that the journey of Suraj Pal, who worked in UP Police till 1999, to become Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba started from here. Suraj Pal's real brother Rakesh Kumar lives with his family near this ashram, but the condition of his house is not good. Suraj Pal alias Bhole Baba's sister also lives here.

A splendid ashram in Etawah too

Surajpal also has an ashram in Etawah. This ashram in Kate Kheda village of Jaswantnagar area of ​​Etawah is built on 15 bighas of land. It is being told that the ashram has been built with the money collected through donations. It is also known that Surajpal is angry with the devotees here for some reason, so he has not come here even once. There is also news that the land of this ashram is disputed, the investigation of which has been started by the Deputy District Magistrate of Etawah.

Surajpal's ashram is also in the Bidhanu area of ​​Kanpur. This ashram is built on about 8 bighas of land. The land of this ashram is also said to be disputed. The main owner of this ashram is a man named Anil Tomar, who has absconded after locking the place. It has also come to light that black magic is being practiced in this ashram.

Baba's luxurious ashram in Sambhal too

Currently, the local intelligence unit of UP police has started investigating this ashram. Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari has spread a network of ashrams in western Uttar Pradesh. He also has an ashram in Sambhal. There is an ashram named Bhole Baba Pravas Kutiya here. This luxurious ashram is built on 8 bighas of land. This ashram was built near Sarai Sikandar village about 12 years ago. Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Hari stayed here for 1 month then. After the Hathras incident, there is silence in this ashram in Sambhal.

Self-proclaimed saint Narayan Sakar Hari alias Surajpal also has a hideout in Noida. This ashram is in Ilahabas village of Noida Sector 87. This ashram built on 1000 yards of land has 30 rooms. According to sources, this ashram has been built by Rakesh Kumar of Delhi. Satsang is held here every Sunday. Baba has come to this ashram built in 2021 only once.

Baba's Grand Ashram in Gwalior too

Surajpal alias Bhole Baba also has a grand ashram in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This ashram is in Hari Vihar on Tighra Road in Gwalior. Surajpal used to come here often for satsang, but now Baba's name has been hidden from this ashram. Satsang was held here on 12 March 2024. After this, he stayed here till 10 May. People around this ashram also accuse suspicious activities to be taking place here.

The name of the trust was changed in 2023

Till now only a few ashrams of Narayan Sakar Hari have come to light. Meanwhile, an important information related to Surajpal's trust has also come to light. The name of this trust was earlier Manav Seva Ashram. Which was changed to Shri Narayan Sakar Hari Charitable Trust in 2023. Baba claims that he does not take even a single rupee donation from anyone. Wherever satsang is held, its responsibility is taken by 'Hum Samiti'. A similar committee had organized a satsang in Hathras as well, but now after more than 100 deaths, the veil of superstition is also being lifted from the eyes of some devotees of this Baba.

How did Baba build such a big empire?

  • When Surajpal started satsang, there was no crowd.
  • At that time Baba used to make his people sit among the crowd.
  • The crowd would tell their problems and Baba would immediately give the solution.
  • Such people also say that they benefited from the solution suggested by Baba.
  • Due to this, the confidence of other people started increasing and the number of its devotees started increasing continuously.

At the same pace at which the number of Baba's devotees increased in different states, his wealth also increased by leaps and bounds. Now Baba's empire has been established in not just one but many states.

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