Churu: Marries friend's sister after running away!


A case has come to light from Churu district of Rajasthan by a man who allegedly killed a friend who was in love with his sister. According to reports, the body of the deceased was found in a field on Sunday. 

According to the police, accused Vikas had befriended the deceased Manish during his judicial custody in Haryana jail. Vikas was in custody in the petrol pump robbery case and Manish in the rape case. Manish started visiting Vikas's house after there was a friendship between the two.

During this, Manish had also befriended Vikas's sister. About ten months ago, Manish and Vikas's sister had run away from home and got married. Angered by this, Vikas threatened to kill Manish. Manish, who works as a transport worker in Delhi, went to Churu to meet Vikas, but could not return. The police have started their investigation by registering a case.