Churu: First he made her sister, then raped her!


Churu: First he made her sister, then raped her!

The matter of shameful relations with the Churu district of Rajasthan has come to light. Here a young man first made a married woman a religious sister and tied Rakhi to her on Rakshabandhan. After this, he carried out the abominable act of embarrassment to the relationship with the woman.

According to reports, the youth along with his friends kidnapped the woman and gang-raped her. The woman has registered a case in this regard. According to the report filed by the victim, the woman was married in a village near Churu. One day while coming from Pehar to her in-laws' house, a young man named Mahendra sat next to the woman on the bus. After that, he got acquainted with the woman. Later he made the woman his religious sister. On the day of Rakshabandhan, the accused also tied Rakhi to the woman. 

On March 2021, accused Mahendra, along with two of his accomplices, took the victim woman to Bhandwala to reunite with her family and made her sit in the car. After this, the accused took the woman to a room in Caldera. Here he along with his companions made obscene photos and videos of the woman. After this, the accused gang-raped the woman. 

According to reports, the accused raped the woman daily by taking her hostage for 20 days. The woman's missing report was filed. Later, the police found the woman and handed her over to the family members. Due to the threat of the accused, the woman did not tell this anyone. After this, the woman reached her in-laws' house. After this, on 25 June 2021, Mahendra and his companions once again forcibly took the woman to Caldera. By taking her hostage here, accused Mahendra raped the woman by taking her hostage for 15 days.