Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot accused the Home Ministry of spreading confusion.


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has accused the Union Home Ministry of trying to spread confusion among the public by giving wrong information regarding the helicopter flight during the G20 summit. He has expressed his views in this regard through X.

He wrote that yesterday I had a plan to go from Udaipur to Jaipur by plane and from Jaipur to Sikar and from Sikar to Niwai by helicopter. For this, the helicopter had to reach Jaipur from Udaipur in advance, but it was said that due to the protocol of G-20, the helicopter or plane can travel only when the CM himself is on board.

Permission to fly the helicopter was sought through e-mail at 10.48 AM but permission was not received till 2.50 PM. To give information to the public waiting there, he tweeted at 2.52 PM and explained the reason for not being able to come and also called Shri Om Das Maharaj at Sangliya Peeth and informed him. After this, permission came at 3.58 PM but by then I had left from Udaipur for Jaipur by plane and after reaching Jaipur, I was cleared by road.

I did not want to create any controversy in the name of G-20, hence did not condemn it and only informed the public about the facts. But now I am sad that the Home Ministry has made an unsuccessful attempt to spread confusion among the public by giving wrong information.

PC: indianexpress