Chandra Grahan 2023: Click here to know when the first lunar eclipse of this year is going to happen, and know the complete details about the day, time, and Sutak period.


You probably do not know, but if not, then tell you that a total of 4 eclipses are going to happen this year, out of which 2 are solar eclipse and 2 are lunar eclipse. The first solar eclipse of the year has taken place on April 20 and now soon after that the first lunar eclipse is also going to happen on the day of Vaishakh Purnima.

Let us tell you that the first lunar eclipse of this year is going to happen on May 5, 2023. The time for the lunar eclipse is 8.45 pm, which will last till 1 am. According to the information, the Paramgras of the lunar eclipse will happen at 10.53 pm. But the biggest thing is that the lunar eclipse will not be visible in India. It will be visible only from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

Sutak Kaal

Now when this eclipse will not be visible in India, then Sutak Kaal will not be considered. In such a situation, Sutak period will not be valid in India. 

What happens to Sutak

According to astrologers, this is the time or period in which the eclipse takes place. This time is considered inauspicious according to religious belief. In such a situation, a person should take care of some special things during the Sutak period.