CGHS: Change in package rate related to CGHS, central employees will get the benefit


Good news has come for the employees from the Central Government. The news is that now two major decisions have been taken by the Central Government regarding the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) for the Central Service employees.

This step of the Modi government will benefit both the beneficiary and the hospitals. According to the news, the rates of the CGHS package have been changed by the Modi government of the Center. Earlier there were reports that since 2014 there was no change in the rates, and the hospitals affiliated with CGHS wanted to withdraw from the scheme.

Because of this, the Central Government has decided to increase the package rate related to CGHS. Under this, consultation fees, OPD consultation, ICU charges, and room rent have been changed by the government. Now referral under CGHS will also be easy. Employees can also make referrals through video calls.