Central Government: Another good news for central employees! Now they will get this benefit


The Government of India keeps bringing many new facilities from time to time for its central employees so that they get benefited and they do not have to suffer any kind of loss. In such a situation, there is good news for the central government employees and that is that the government provides health security to the employees under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). 

The Health Ministry has taken two major decisions regarding this, which will benefit both the beneficiary and the hospitals. Firstly, it has been decided that the government has changed the rates of the package. The package rates associated with this plan were not revised for a long time. Hospitals will get benefit from this. 

Along with this, earlier the CGHS beneficiary had to personally visit the CGHS Wellness Center and seek a referral to the hospital. In such a situation, in case of being unable, he can take a referral by sending someone to the wellness center on his behalf.