Cabinet Meeting: Government's plan to increase the income of farmers


Modi Cabinet Meeting: The government continuously tries to provide financial help to farmers and increase their income. Now, in this episode, the government is expected to increase the MSP by 10 percent while giving a gift to the farmers. The government's purpose behind this is to increase the production of urad and toor dal. Sources claim that with this, soybean and sunflower oil can increase by 5 to 7%. A decision can be taken on this in the cabinet meeting to be held tomorrow evening.


The cabinet meeting will be held on June 19 at 5 pm

Let us tell you that the meeting of the Modi 3.0 cabinet will be held on 19th June at 5 pm. In the CCEA meeting, it is possible to discuss the MSP revision of 14 crops. During the meeting, a proposal to increase the MSP of Kharif crops is expected to be discussed to increase the production of pulses by up to 10%. CACP has submitted its recommendation to the government. This year, the government can also announce a bonus.

A decrease in production of pulses is a matter of concern

CACP has said in its recommendation to the government that a decrease in the production of toor and urad dal is a matter of concern. The price of paddy may increase by four to five percent in the coming year. The government fixes the MSP of 14 crops including paddy. Let us tell you that the MSP for 23 crops is announced every year by the government based on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP). CACP is a commission working under the Ministry of Agriculture and it issues recommendations regarding the MSP of 23 crops.

Which crops are covered under CACP?

The crops covered under CACP include seven cereals, five pulses, seven oilseeds, and four commercial crops. Apart from maize, jawar, bajra, paddy, wheat, barley, and ragi, the cereals include moong, arhar, gram, urad, and lentils, and the five pulses include soybean, sesame, sunflower, safflower, groundnut, rapeseed-mustard and niger seed, and the seven oilseeds include four commercial crops like cotton, copra, sugarcane and raw jute.

The government has made a foolproof plan to control the rising price of pulses

. Officials associated with the concerned department claim that the price of three pulses will soon fall. The pulses that will get relief in price include tur, chana, and urad dal. The government claims that at present there are many such measures, due to which the price of these three pulses will fall.