Booster Dose in India: Who will be able to take the third dose of Corona Vaccine? Where to apply, know everything here


After the increasing threat of the new variant Omicron of Corona and the announcement of elections in five states, the country has started taking Precautionary Dose from today. This third dose of the corona vaccine is being given as a booster dose. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the precautionary dose only on 25 December last month. At present, this third dose will be given to health workers and frontline workers as well as senior citizens suffering from serious diseases. Come, know everything about it.


Who will take the precautionary dose?
At present, only health workers, front-line workers, or senior citizens who are suffering from serious diseases in the country will get the precautionary dose or booster dose. Senior citizens suffering from serious diseases will be able to take precautionary doses only on the advice of their doctor.
Is registration required for this? If yes, how will it happen?
It has been clarified by the Ministry of Health that no registration will be required for the precautionary dose. On the basis of old registration, they will be given the third dose of the corona vaccine.


Is an appointment even necessary?
Changes have been made on the Cowin app for a precautionary dose. The feature has been added to the app regarding the third dose. In such a situation, you can directly take an appointment through this feature. Apart from this, you can get the third dose directly by going to the vaccination center. Here also you will not need to make a new registration

What should be the difference between the two doses and the third dose?
Yes, if you have received both the doses of the corona vaccine and nine months have elapsed, then only you will be eligible for the third dose.

Will there be any message regarding the precautionary dosage?
A message is being sent by the Ministry of Health to those people who have got both doses of the vaccine nine months ago. Apart from this, it has been told by the ministry that if someone does not get the message, then he should see the difference between his second dose.

Can anyone take the vaccine in a precautionary dose?
No, the Health Ministry has also clearly said about this that the precautionary dose or the third dose will be given of the same vaccine, which you have already got. That is, if you have taken both doses of the corona vaccine Covoxin, then the third dose will also take the same. Similarly, people taking Kovishield will be given the same precautionary dose of Covishield.

Are there any papers to be carried to the vaccination center?
Yes, voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license must carry any one identity card to get the precautionary dose.