BJP Foundation Day: On Foundation Day of BJP, Prime Minister Modi addressed the workers


BJP is celebrating its 44th foundation day today. BJP workers across the country are organizing many programs in the office on the occasion of Foundation Day in their respective states. Here the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi congratulated and addressed the workers on the foundation day of the party.

Addressing the workers on this occasion, Modi said that to date, I bow his head to those workers and leaders who have enriched, enriched, and empowered the party. He said, 'Today we are celebrating Lord Hanumanji's birth anniversary across the country.

Modi said that the name of Bajrangbali is echoing everywhere. Hanumanji's life and events still inspire us in the journey of India's development. Also said that BJP works like Hanumanji: Hanumanji can do everything, does it for everyone, but does nothing for himself. This is the inspiration of the BJP.